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 I am Benjamin Geiger.

 Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer.

I live in Switzerland, travel a lot and take some photos every free minute.

As you can see i start early taking pictures. =)


Here i show you a small selection and share my hobby with you.




I hope you enjoy.

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Last Update 13.05.2020



Spring 2020

Spring in the swiss alps

spring @ the lake

Winter 2019/2020

Autumn 2019

fog in the swiss alps

Hike in the swiss alps

machu picchu from switzerland

special Church in Mogno from Mario Botta

Sweden Trip 2019

I visit almost 3 Weeks Sweden by a camping car with my girlfriend, her sister and her boyfriend. It was an amazig trip! Here some Impressions

here you can see the ocean side of Sweden at Varbers we visit an old castle at the Nordsea

outside in pure wilderness

inside of beautiful sweden you can find pure nature, thousands of lakes surrounded by big forests birch, pinetree and moss. And nobody there

In the middle of our Trip my Brother and his Girlfriend join us for a few days. We visit all together the Island Öland and the Borgholm Brinner. Its a Rock and Metal Festival in an old Castle  -> Borgholm Slott.

Through the day we visit the national park in the north part of the Island Öland with a little hike.

at the seaside you will find a Shipwreck from an old Schoner Anno 1910


Trollskogen (Mystic enchanted Forest / Zauberwald) is a beautifull Place to visit. Maybe you can see the Trolls hanging around there =)

also an highlight is the Trolleken (Magic oak / Zaubereiche) more than 1000 years old

after 3 days of Rock an Metal we traval along the eastcoast in the north part of Sweden. Here is absolutly wilderness. PURE NATURE!

Sun and Moon on the same Picture  =)  left side you can see the moon right side the sun

Stockholm City

at the end of our trip we visit Stockholm for 2 Days a beautiful City with water everywhere

Summer 2019

Spring in the swiss alps

lensball session

Spring impressions

bye bye winter

impressions around luzern

luzern / lucern

Svalbard / spitzbergen

Swiss / switzerland

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